House to House - Furnishings Consignment

    YES, the rumors are true.  
We have sold our building, & on August 20, 2016 
closed its doors for the last time.
Thank you one and all for your patronage.  
You are the reason our business thrived.  
Without you we couldn’t have made it these past 15 years.  
Seeing your smiling faces every day made our efforts worthwhile.  
We will miss you more than you know. 
 Again…thank you all!

Customers and consignors please see the Notice below.



House to House closed its doors for the final time on Saturday, 8/20.  
We will be wrapping up our paperwork over the coming weeks and will be paying consignors as usual. If you hear that House to House has “gone out of business,” that’s technically true.  But our closing is a result of having sold our building (yay!!) and not as a result of any financial difficulty.  Your “beloved shop owner” is retiring, and will not be relocating the shop. We want our consignors to rest assured that we are financially sound, and there is no reason for concern over payments owed.


If you placed items on consignment with us after April 20, 2016, and one or more of those items was unsold as of 8/20, we’ll pay you what you would have received had the item(s) sold on 8/20.  Checks will be mailed within the time frame provided in your Consignment Contract. 

 If you have moved please email your updated mailing address to:

If you placed items on consignment with us prior to April 20, 2016, and 
one or more of those items were unsold as of 8/20, those items were deemed abandoned after 120 days per your consignment contract and were donated. 
 No payments will be made on those unsold items.

If you aren’t certain when your items were consigned and/or whether you are due a payment, please feel free to inquire via email at 


All purchases made before or during our liquidation sale were to have been picked up no later than 8/23/2016.  If you have not picked up your purchase please do so immediately.  If not picked up by the deadline, your item(s) will be stored for 30 days.  
A fee of $5 per day will be charged.  After 30 days, the item will be resold or donated with no refunds or credits.




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